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Author Susan V WeissYeah, I write down in my basement, in a tight-fitting room that once was a closet. It’s lined in wainscoting that I thought was cedar…until I sniffed it: plain stained wood. The room has no window. Some might think it dungeon-like since I have to cross an unfinished basement and wend my way around pileups of hoarded boxes, paper goods, and rags to get to it. But I like the enclosure of my little writing room with fringed bookshelves and a faux leather chair. 

Enough has been written about changes and trends in the publishing industry that I have no new insights to add to the discussion. But I will note that when, as a young writer, I fantasized about my someday success, I envisioned national book tours, appearances on the Tonight Show, gigs as a guest lecturer. I have savored small successes over the years but have had to drastically modify my earlier dream of being a writer. I still struggle with this, try out different rationales that make my many years of writing feel like an accomplishment, not a Sisyphean climb up a mountain called something like Publishers’ Peak.

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  1. Hello Susan!
    I love your website!!! I am sorry I have not been in touch! I am still around and I would love to get together!


  2. Good for you because the day to day IS an accomplishment, especially when there is something resulting from the effort that you can claim to have created! So, from me, brava!

  3. You set a goal to get published and you did it! I understand the plight of having altered accomplishments, but an accomplishment is one whether it is one that was intended or not. I am very proud of you and your work. You give great inspiration to others and that is something you give naturally, without intent. I have often heard, ” The greatness of man can often be measured by how he loves others.” And I think of my Papa Sam and you. Xoxo

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